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1920s Fashion The Definitive Sourcebook

1920s Fashion The Definitive Sourcebook

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Title: 1920s Fashion The Definitive Sourcebook
Author: Emmanuelle Dirix; Charlotte Fiell

Featuring 600 totally original, period photographs and illustrations completely redefining the appraisal of 1920s fashion Inspiration for the vintage trend still dominating high streets and catwalks Includes many re-discovered images of not only Hollywood stars in the latest flapper fashions but also elegant illustrations from the leading fashion houses Contains biographies of renowned designers and fashion houses Companion work to 1930s Fashion: The Definitive Sourcebook ISBN 9781783130153 and 1940s Fashion: The Definitive Sourcebook ISBN 9781847960467 also by Emmanuelle Dirix and Charlotte FiellContaining page after page of fabulous Art Deco fashions, 1920s Fashion documents comprehensively the seasonal fashion styles of the Twenties. Sumptuously illustrated with over 600 original photographs, drawings, and prints, this title is a must-have reference work for not only students of fashion and vintage collectors, but for all fashionistas. 1920s Fashion focuses on the Art Deco period with its beautiful beaded dresses, cloche hats and strappy shoes as worn by the fashionable flappers and the "bright young things" of the time. The book is divided up into different themed sections, such as daywear, eveningwear, accessories, etc. for easy inspirational reference.Featuring the whole gamut of Art Deco ensembles, from couturier dresses to everyday mail-order fashions, 1920s Fashion includes a fascinating introduction outlining the major themes within fashion during this period, introducing its most famous designers and assessing their creative contributions. A cornucopia of beautiful clothes with exquisite detailing, this book provides a rich source of inspiration through an in-depth and important survey of Art Deco fashion.Contents: Introduction by Emmanuelle Dirix; Catalogue section: Daywear; Outerwear; Eveningwear; Accessories; Other; End matter: Index; Biographies of designers."

Pages: 512
ISBN: 9781783130146


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